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The ultimate items for kitchen lovers

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If you are a ‘cooking lover’ and you want to try all kinds of recipes, this selection of items will charm you. We have chosen 6 of our favorite products, discover them!

1. Mini Vegetable Spiralicer


The Mini Vegetable Spiralicer from BigBuy, it is very practical and easy to use to prepare very creative garnishes. This hand operated vegetable slicer is indispensable for the most innovative and fun kitchens.

2. Wagon Trend flexible chopping board


The Wagon Trend flexible chopping board is ideal for cutting any kind of food comfortably. Thanks to its flexible grooves, it can be partially folded by pressing the handle, and tilted (ramp-like) to make it easier to transfer the chopped food into pots, pans, dishes, etc.

3. Bravissima Kitchen Pencil Sharpener Vegetable Peeler and Cutter


It is very practical for peeling elongated vegetables with greater speed and comfort: carrots, courgettes, cucumbers, etc. It is also very useful for preparing garnishes to decorate dishes, as it allows cutting the vegetables in a novel way.

4.  Easy Cheese Maker homemade cheese making mould


A simple method for making fresh and healthy cheese at home. All you have to do is prepare the mixture with your milk of choice, put it in the microwave, leave it to rest at room temperature, press it and store it in the fridge. Finally, you remove it from the mould and enjoy a delicious and natural cheese.

5. Health Cook·Mat Oven Mat

Very practical for cooking in the oven and the microwave, while avoiding messy oven floors or trays. In addition, its pyramidal weave design helps the flow of heat and allows for separation of fat and oil from the food.

6. Wastebag HoldR bin bag holder

A revolutionary and practical invention to hold bin bags that allows to hang them on drawers and cupboards easily and conveniently. You just have to fit the Wastebag HoldR on the edge of the drawer or cupboard

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